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My interest in cosmetic acupuncture began for purely selfish reasons. As I started approaching my 40s, my skin started to look dull and lusterless with more and more fine lines emerging. After discovering the power and effectiveness of cosmetic acupuncture – it has become my life’s mission to share this natural and safe method with the world!


Everything You Need to Know About Mark Hyman’s 10 Day Sugar Detox

Everything You Need to Know About Mark Hyman’s 10 Day Sugar Detox

It’s no secret that we’re all about finding ways to enhance our beauty from the inside out here at the Beauty Within – but did you know that one of the worst offenders for aging your face is actually sugar? If a sugar detox sounds overwhelming, we’re breaking down how to detox from sugar in

Holistic Beauty Holiday Gift Guide

The Beauty Within Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time again – the holiday shopping season has arrived! If you’re anything like us, you love to give meaningful gifts that support or empower the loved ones on your list. But, the rush of the holidays quickly gets overwhelming, and before you know it you’re standing in the grocery store check-out line with

Truth Behind 7 Beauty Myths

The Truth Behind 7 Beauty Myths

Are you sabotaging your skin by listening to harmful beauty myths? Unfortunately, beauty and skincare myths are often shared as fact. While science is helping us debunk these myths one by one, many of us are still lost when it comes to what we should believe about skincare claims and what’s purely made up. In

Get Your Beauty Sleep: How to Wake Up to Healthier Skin

Get Your Beauty Sleep: How to Wake Up to Healthier Skin

Most people know that sleep is crucial for healthy mood, brain function, and even metabolism. But did you know that your skin needs sleep, too? Having a regular sleep schedule sets your skin up for success; it stays hydrated, enjoys lots of nourishing blood circulation, detoxifies and fights blemishes, and is less likely to develop