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Passionate about healthy & natural skincare solutions

My interest in cosmetic acupuncture began for purely selfish reasons. As I started approaching my 40s, my skin started to look dull and lusterless with more and more fine lines emerging. After discovering the power and effectiveness of cosmetic acupuncture – it has become my life’s mission to share this natural and safe method with the world!


Hair Care as Health Care: What Does Your Hair Say About Your Health?

Long, natural, short, wavy, buzzed…no matter how you wear it, your hair (and scalp!) deserves the same amount of beauty care as your face.  Plus, your hair is not just an accessory – it’s an extension of your health. So what Does Your Hair Say About Your Health? Chinese medicine practitioners can tell a lot

Beauty Mindset

Beauty Mindset: How to Boost Your Beauty from Within

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But what happens when your idea of “beauty” doesn’t match who you see in the mirror? It all comes down to your beauty mindset. Unfortunately, negative self-image is all too common in our modern society, and it’s no surprise why. We are constantly bombarded by perfect images

Sustainable Skincare Products OC

Sustainable Skincare: The Best Beauty Practices for Your Skin and Mother Earth

Should you “go green” with your beauty care? From non-toxic cleaning products to organic foods to slow fashion, the push for a more sustainable lifestyle is stronger than ever. But the sustainable movement isn’t just for our homes and refrigerators – it applies to our skincare and beauty products, too.  Unfortunately, most conventional personal care

Spring Skin Secrets: What Your Skin Needs in Spring

In winter, skincare is all about hydration and rest. In summer, sun protection and anti-aging treatments reign supreme.  But how do we care for our skin in between, during those dewy, windy, warm spring days? Adjusting your skincare routine in spring is just as important as hydrating your skin in the colder months, or protecting